Guidelines for Near Community

Last updated December 30, 2015

“Don’t tell us, SHOW us!” - Team Near

Do These Things:

  1. Get Creative! Pick a place that you love because you can’t rave about a place you’re not excited about. Near is a place to share your favorite local experiences with our community members and is enhanced when we share in a genuine way. On Near, don’t tell us, SHOW us!
  2. Do be clear and explanatory when you create a video - remember you’ve only got 10 seconds per video! The best way is to highlight what your favorite item is on the menu, the ambiance of a place, what makes it different that would make a viewer want to visit.
  3. Don’t forget to have fun and stay positive! Treat others in the community the way you would want to be treated. There are people from all walks of life on Near, and many may not share your views, but we ask that you are polite and respectful to the experience of the other users.

Don’t Do These Things:

  1. Don’t take your clothes off. If you wouldn’t share your videos with your boss or your parents, it does not belong here. Accounts found in abuse of this will be disabled, and your access to Near may be terminated.
  2. Don’t be inappropriate or irrelevant. Near is a place to share your local favorites and things that you love, cherish, and want to share. This means, videos with inappropriate or irrelevant Content may be removed without consent.
  3. Don’t share explicit or illegal content. If you are found sharing explicitly violent or illegal content (including the glorification of violence and/or images of extreme gore), your account will be disabled and we will take appropriate action, which may include reporting your activity to the authorities. Additionally, this is not the place for the promotion or sale of illicit or controlled materials (drugs, drug paraphernalia, firearms, tobacco, adult materials, etc.).
  4. Don’t harass other users - NO TROLLING. Any form of harassment, bullying, or threatening language towards another user is expressly forbidden. We want our community to feel safe and comfortable sharing their lives on Near, and if you are reported to have been lessening that experience through harassment or any other means, your account will be disabled and your access to Near may be terminated.
  5. Don’t promote or glorify self-harm. As with violence and illegal activities, we will take action regarding any accounts that feature or encourage self-harm of any form. Communication and awareness of these illnesses and behaviors is supported, but Near is not the place for any active promotion or glorification of these actions.